Creating a new vision in General Aviation


Ryan Aerospace has been established as an International Mergers and Acquisitions Company having its primary objective within the General Aviation Industry as well as allied aviation industries.


During the first half of 2014, Ryan Aerospace will under-take an aggressive Merger and Acquisition program of major "Brand Name" civilian aircraft manufacturers companies from within the United States, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and Australia.


Ryan Aerospace is also actively negotiating “licensing” agreements with Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Italian and other Foreign aircraft designers and manufacture companies to manufacture and market their aircraft not only in the United States but internationally.


Ryan Aerospace’s primary objectives will be:


· The acquisition of major U.S. “Brand Name” aircraft manufacturing company.


· The acquisition of major International “Brand Name” general aviation companies.


· The licensing Foreign aircraft design


· The development of new innovative aircraft.


· The transfer of international technology for general aviation.


· The establishment Aerospace Equity Partnership.

Ryan Aerospace